Tuesday 1 January 2013

A Fresh Page

A new year begins, and I open my notebook to a fresh, blank page. The possibilities are nearly limitless, but this very vastness intimidates me, and makes me think small.

This year is my year to get past the huge, gigantic, enormous big things floating around in my head, and focus on smaller, more manageable goals. Wanting to be amazingly successful and lose ten kilos and run every day is all well and good, but it's no good just telling yourself all of that, you'd just end up mad. This is, however, what I've been spending the better part of a lifetime doing - thinking too hard about the outcomes to pay attention to the processes. Not this year.

I haven't written a blog post for months for fear of the rejection of others and not living up to my own high standards, but not this year. This year I will write about the things I make, the recipes I test out, the things I do with Indigo, and will focus more on fashion, because I want to document my amazing op shop bargains. I will take more photos of the things I do, photos help you feel grateful for the little things in life in an amazing visual way, and collected together chronicles Indigo's life.

This year I will work smarter, not harder. Stress less about the small stuff. Work harder on making things nice, instead of waiting for things to get better. Stop beating myself up about my very human lack of perfection. We want to make a baby this year, so all my goals are around being a more relaxed, focused, and balanced person to help me be a better mum and to take some of the self-imposed stress off.

A fresh new year, a fresh outlook, a fresh page. I am eager to make my mark.

Beatrix xoxo