Saturday 16 February 2013

Picture This.

This year, I want to take more photos. Both for my blog, and just for myself.

These photos are to be of thrift shop fashion (to showcase how nice you can look when you have no money to spend!), the crafts I make, my little family, and my life. To document the sweet things.

I'm pretty good at listening to criticism and taking seeing with grey-tinted glasses. I know that my life isn't always going to be peaches-and-cream, but sometimes by looking at the amazing little things, you can see a brighter way forward. I'm taking that approach this year (for anyone who wonders why everything in my life seems happy on paper - it's not. Just like you and everyone else you know), and embracing the things I do with eager, open arms.

A photographer came up to us last time we were at the dog beach, wanting to take a photo of a dog and a kid playing together on the beach for The Daily Telegraph. Indigo and Trilby the Wonderhound definitely fit the bill, and spent the best part of an hour playing around on the beach (only to get the shot just as he was putting away his camera!). We all had a great time, and two days later, they were in the paper!

Indigo Quills follows her dog "Trilby" along Horseshoe Beach in Newcastle. Picture: Liam Driver Source: The Daily Telegraph

We've got a copy of the photo up on our wall, where Indigo points to it frequently, and says goodnight to her dog by waving at him in the picture (because he sleeps outside).

As far as taking my own photos is going? Well, I could be doing better. I don't have a cable to connect my camera to my computer, so I'm usually only getting dodgy old mobile phone snaps. Not the awesome, clear photos that I had planned, and none of the outfit shots either. I WILL get a cable so I can take better photos with my camera, because I'd like to share a lot more. In the meantime, I'm glad someone got such a great shot of my daughter and my dog to inspire me.

Friday 15 February 2013

Typo Giveaway!

This is a commissioned post, with the object in mind of giving free things away to you - my readers! 

Why not make your home the best it can be in 2013? We’re giving away one $40 Typo gift card to help you create the perfect space.
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Stockland have given me the opportunity to give away a gift card to one lucky reader! Thanks Typo and Stockland - you get to help me give away my first prize!

I figured I'd make it a bit fun - leave a comment in 50 words or less on how you're going to jazz up your home this year for the chance to win! This competition is open to Australian residents only.

This year, I'll be jazzing up our home with a whole bunch of handmade delights! From baking to gardening and crochet, I'm planning on making a lot of lovely things on a budget this year!

The judge will be my partner Dave, being read the comments without any names attached. This will allow the competition to be impartial, but still based on your efforts!

This competition will be open for a week - until Midnight on Friday 22nd February. Simply comment to have the chance to win!

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