Wednesday 28 March 2012

How to look beautiful no matter what your age, size or shape.

Sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and like what you see. Women are constantly bombarded with conflicting messages about their appearance, and the prevalence of plastic surgery and fad diets attest to our unhealthy fixation with achieving a physique that is not average.

We need to show everyone that beauty does not equal pain, or falsehoods. It is a real thing that real people possess. Real people with stretch marks and imperfect hair and wobbly bits.

Here are a few tips to help you look your best without having to spend lots of money, lose weight, or spend hours in front of a mirror!

+ Smile. A smile lights up your face and makes you look your best. Besides, if you look like you're having fun, you are automatically more attractive than someone who looks miserable. Smile at the world, you never know who's looking, and the smiles you attract in return will make you feel even better!

+ Put on a dress. There's a style for every size and shape, and it will make you feel girly, flirty and happy. Knee-length, mini or maxi, dressed up or down, dresses make everyone look great.

+ Wear bright colours. Whether that's your clothes, accessories or makeup, bright colours will put you in a great mood and make you look fabulous. Wearing bright red lipstick will take your basic black outfit and turn it into something amazing, or slip on some yellow shoes to give yourself happy feet! Choose colours that suit you, not the "fashionable" colours of the moment - this way you will look your best and stand out from the crowd. Nothing says beautiful like originality!

+ Good posture. This is something absolutely everyone can work on, and it's good for you and makes you look slimmer and more elegant. Good posture will help you feel physically better, and radiate confidence to those around you. Stand with your shoulders held back and be proud to be yourself inside your skin.

+ Look after that skin! Exfoliate with a sugar scrub every week to buff your skin to perfection. Use a skincare range that suits your needs - I use Herbalism cleanser, Eau du  Roma toner, and Celestial moisturiser, all from Lush...I love all their products, and they've got something for everyone!

+ Get enough sleep. It's more important than updating your Facebook or watching tv, it's called beauty sleep for a reason! It will help with your mental wellbeing too, being frazzled and grumpy definitely doesn't help you feel pretty. Get seven to eight hours to feel your best.

+ Accept yourself. Even if you don't like the way this bit wobbles, or your scars, or your funny knees, if you can learn to live with them instead of worrying about them, you will be that much more beautiful. There's no need to cover up or apologise, or resort to surgery. Beauty, confidence and acceptance go hand in hand, so enjoy being yourself. There are people out there who find you interesting and sexy, so believe them and act like you're sex on legs! I have a stomach full of stretchmarks, but my awesomeness isn't bogged down by something so trivial! (sometimes acting more confident than you are leads to real confidence!)

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