Friday 30 March 2012

Xtreme Breastfeeding!

Indigo has been breastfed since birth, and she's approaching the ten month-mark. I never really thought much about feeding with formula, although I have no qualms with its use. I just assumed I'd breastfeed until Indigo weaned, or my milk ran out.

I hadn't factored in Indigo's active feeding style. I like to think of it as Xtreme breastfeeding, to gloss over the frustration and pain it frequently causes me.

She now likes to roll around, pinch my arm/boob/armpit/face/eyeball, attempt to feed standing up, in the bath, upside down, while climbing, name it. I figured she'd get more active when she got older, but I never really thought about how this would affect how I feed her.

A few times now, I've been on the verge of starting formula feeding, even though I know how much she loves breastfeeding, because her acrobatics are causing me immense pain. It's almost like those first few weeks of breastfeeding all over again, minus the mastitis. I cringe when I have to feed her, and find myself crying out in pain multiple times per feed, unless she's falling asleep. I hate this, but don't really want to stop breastfeeding now we've come so far.

Also, I'm lazy. Putting her on formula will require bottles, preparation times, waiting. I can't just whip out a bottle in bed in the middle of the night like I can with a boob, and I'm just not interested in making more work for myself. I'm in no way anti-formula, but after nine months of relative ease with breastfeeding, and knowing that no matter how much she has, she's the right weight and getting all the right things even when she doesn't feel like eating solids (like tonight), I just don't think that I could do it.

So, I guess I'll just whip out the Lansinoh, and treat myself nicely, just like I did after Indigo was born.

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  1. I have a gymnast. I feed her lying down, every time. She also bites accidentally sometimes and that's taking a toll on my new pregnant boobs! We use formula at day care and when I'm away and my nipples thank me for it. Maybe just try a feed or two during the day with it sometimes? The break it gives your bits maybe just what you need.