Thursday 29 March 2012

The Secret Life of Dogs

Today is a home-focused day. I am baking double choc chip cookies, attacking the mountain of washing, and the pile of washing up that appeared mysteriously and won't disappear without my help. 

I am hoping Indigo is happy with this plan - she's asleep, so I haven't had to ask her, so far. 

We've had a fun morning. We found out that Trilby has a secret life - there was a loose paling in our fence, which he could push aside through which a little boy could pat him. He has removed the panel from the fence entirely now, so we can see what he is up to.

Indigo stood up against the fence, and she and the little boy smiled at each other. He gave her a big kiss, and she cried! She's never had another kid kiss her before, just grown-ups, so I think she got a surprise. We had fun though, we hadn't met those neighbours yet, having only just moved here, so it was nice to get to play with kids and the hound dog.

She's a big sook at the moment, and wants to be carried around like a joey. I wish I was a kangaroo, with a big pouch designed to carry her. She's outgrown her awful baby bjorn thing, and we've never had the money to buy an Ergo baby carrier, which is what I wanted, so now we just carry her on our hip, or on our shoulders. It's not so bad, and I have lost a lot of weight without having to do much more than look after Indigo, so I can't complain.

Indigo wakes, and all plans are thrown out the window!

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