Wednesday 28 March 2012

Accidental Exercise

Most people find it difficult to spend an hour of our busy, over -scheduled days exercising, when there are so many things to do all the time. Here are some methods to fit more exercise into daily life. I gained 35kgs when I fell pregnant, shooting from a size 8 to a size 18 just after my daughter Indigo was born, and haven't stepped on the scales, but I'm back to a size 10 – 12 now, so these are things that helped me.

Walk everywhere. Organise your schedule to fit it in. Allow more time for grocery shopping if you can walk down to get a few things. I carry my groceries home from the store, which is a 2km walk, which is uphill on the way home. Spending too much time inside or sitting down isn't good for humans, we didn't evolve physically with office jobs and computers in mind! While fuel prices skyrocket, a pair of decent sneakers stays at a fairly stable rate, and you cut down on medical bills long-term! 

Take the dog out - tiring it out will be good for both of you, and leave you both feeling great.

Carry a bag full of stuff to add intensity to your walks. Groceries, library books, a bottle of water, whatever. Add a pram or baby carrier, if you've got kids. I am fortunate enough to have a baby who wants to be carried everywhere she goes. She's helping me get fitter than I've ever been, even at my skinniest.

If you drive to work, park further away, take stairs instead of elevators, and feel smug when you walk next to the people on the escalators! This one gets touted around a lot, but it works.

Chores get the blood pumping and the house gets clean! If you can do the chores at maximum speed, not only will your house look amazing, but you will have extra time to do things other than going to the gym, which I find painfully boring! Have a Vacuum Frenzy, or get nude and clean the shower.

Feeling anxious? Instead of sitting around stressing, go for a quick, short run to release all your pent-up energy. Your brain will release endorphins to make you feel better! You will also get a better night's sleep, which is always a plus.

All of this combined will help you become accidentally fitter!

How do you get accidental exercise?


  1. Great tips Beatrix - and congratulations on getting back down to a size 10. Wow!

    1. Thanks Melissa!

      It's taken eleven months, but I've lost about 22 kilos now, give or take. It's satisfying for me, seeing as I lost 30 kilos BEFORE I fell pregnant, and a year later had to start all over again! At least I know I'm capable of doing it, and it's nice to show others that just because you get set back - even beyond your previous low - you can STILL pick yourself back up!

      Love Bea xo